Friday, October 18, 2013

Best of August: part 3

Family Night:
  Mini golfing at Belmont Park then giant ice cream cones after.  

We had to show Nina a good time while she visited us.

Paddle Boarding at Mission Bay
 Beach fun in La Jolla

Seeing WEEZER at Del Mar horse races

First Day of School for Atticus!

Welcome to First Grade

Our backyard has been a hodge podge of ghetto style mess for years minus our fabulous deck.  We had tile, fake grass and cement all mixed together.  Finally, I had enough and decided to cement it ALL.

The kids were fascinated by the cement pouring process and they were biding their time so they could stamp their own marks on the cement.

The finished product.  We love it.  The cement goes all the way up to the deck and the color flows very nicely with our gray deck.  So much better!

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