Monday, May 18, 2009

I love you this much!

I got the Flip video camcorder for Mother's Day so I have been recording the kids doing their thing.  It's super easy to use but I haven't really mastered how to edit movies and I'm also trying to figure out how to work imovie from my Mac.

This is a clip of Atticus telling us how much he loves us.  I didn't like his first answer, so after some direction, I got what I wanted.  Also, Emerson just started taking violin lessons.  This is a clip of her plucking "hot crust buns".  She's very excited to start learning on the bow this week.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Signs that Atticus is growing up!

My sweet little baby is growing way too fast.  First, I refused to potty train him when he clearly didn't want to wear his diaper.  This was not done because I didn't want to train him, it was because I wanted to wait until summer when I would be home all the time to monitor him.  Well after 3 weeks, he has had only 2 accidents.  He loves wearing his spiderman, iron man, cars, Diego and Thomas the Train underwear.  I was told that boys are much harder to potty train but I guess I got lucky!

Second,  Atti now wants to sleep in the big bed with Emerson.  I was worried that once he started sleeping in a bed, he wouldn't want to take naps anymore but he hasn't fought me on that yet.  I am now going to have to take down the crib and find someone who can use it since we will never use it again ( I am so sad but not enough to have another baby!) So good-bye crib forever!

Third, Atti is now talking SO much.  We can even understand most of what he is saying.  Although I wish some words we didn't understand!  These are some of his favorite words and phrases:

mama, watch me!
Eme, NO!
whats that sound?
I farted!
yucky charms=lucky charms (he mentions yucky charms everytime he prays)
boobie=movie and smoothie
dumb f#@k=dump truck
fire f#@k=fire truck
garbage f#@k=garbage truck (are you seeing a pattern?)

It doesn't help that every time he drops the F bomb he gets a laugh or a look of shock from everyone.  

I honestly do love watching him develop and discover every day.  He is an absolute crack up.  Now I just need him to give up his binky!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Easter Pictures

We went to the same place we do every year for egg hunting.  This year, Atticus actually placed his eggs into his basket unlike last year where he would pick up the eggs and throw them like it was a baseball.  
Atticus really got the hang of egg hunting.  He filled his basket to the top with eggs.  
I took the kids to Balboa Park to take their pictures in their outfits they received from Easter.  I really need to take them and get their pictures done by a professional, but I'm just too lazy and I don't know a good photographer.  Let me know if anyone knows one in San Diego.
I love, love, love this picture.  It really captures the silliness of Atticus.  Emerson always wants to hold Atticus and kiss him.  Atticus is always silly and teases Emerson.

Emerson tilts her head most of the time when her picture is taken, Atticus noticed this and decided to copy her but he also adds his own style to it!

What is it with boys?  Why is it that whatever they pick up, they turn it into a gun?  Look at Atticus, it's like he goes shooting every weekend.  He totally looks like a pro holding a rifle!