Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This summer is going by so fast. I just can't keep up. Before we went to Utah, my friends and I took all our kids to a Padre's game.

paying no attention to the game. I honestly can't say who the Padre's played this day.
riding in style. What did our parents do without a tv in the car?

It was a lot of fun seeing some of my old friends.
We don't get to buy fireworks in San Diego so this was fun. This was Atticus' first time lighting sparklers.
My friends Jeff and Kori invited us on their boat to go water skiing at Willard bay. This is Graham. Like we say "The fun hasn't begun until Graham throws-up"!
trying to "Utah surf" behind a boat.
this is how it's really done. This is Jeff showing us how it's done.
I haven't been on a wake board since I was in high school.
Soaking up the sun.
We went over to Jeff and Kori's house for some fireworks and a BBQ. Michelle got to join us. Yeh!!
my sister, mom and me at the Brigham fireworks
Graham stayed for the Brigham fireworks, then he flew back home for work and I stayed for another week and a half vacationing with the kids.

we went river rafting in Lava Hot Springs.

Jackson Hole
Swimming in Jackson Lake. The beautiful Grand Tetons in the background.

Soda Spring. I dropped my phone in this Geyser. Had to get a new phone.

My mom's cabin in Star Valley, WY

Graham came back to drive back to San Diego with us.

So grateful for air conditioning. 111 degrees in Las Vegas. We had a blast on our trip to Utah. Thanks everybody for entertaining us!