Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wicked Awesome!

Brenda, Laura, Amy (the birthday girl), Andrea and Me
My girlfriends and I surprised our friend Amy with tickets to "Wicked" for her 30th birthday. All we told her was dress nice and meet at my house.  She had no idea what we were doing.

I went to L.A last week to see "Wicked".  Everyone I talked to who has seen this play said it is amazing!  Let me say, it did not disappoint.  It was amazing.  Everything from the stage to the singing to the costumes was awesome.  It is by far my favorite play I have seen.  I wish I could have taken Emerson to this play because she would have loved it too but it was nice to dress up and have a day with the girls without kids.  I highly recommend it to everyone to go see it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of School!

7 Pairs of school uniforms + 2 new shoes=$250
school supplies and classroom supplies=$120
new haircut=$15.00
happy to go back to school=PRICELESS!

Emerson started her first day of 1st grade on Monday.  She was very excited to start school, which makes me have a little less anxiety.  She is still going to EJE Academy.  Her instructions will still be in 90% Spanish this year.  I was nervous that she wouldn't remember her spanish because we haven't practiced this summer but she said that she understood.  

She has a male teacher this year, Maestro Venegas.  He seems like a really fun teacher.  Her two best friends are in different classes.  I thought she would be super sad about that but she says she sees them at lunch and at recess and she is making new friends.  

I was much more nervous about her going into kindergarten but we are pros this year.  I looked at all the new kindergarten kids in line this year.  They look like babies.  It made my heart ache to look at them looking so nervous and some of them crying for their parents.  
Don't you love Emerson's new haircut.  Graham and I really tried to talk her out of getting her hair cut so short but she wouldn't listen.  My girl definitely knows what she wants.  I call it her Katie Holmes haircut she calls it her Madeline or Dora haircut.  She is sad that all her blonde highlights are gone but she really likes her new look.  She could have green hair and I would still think she is the most beautiful girl.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Celebrating 5 years!

Graham received his 5 year recognition in Lemon Grove.  Look how cute he looks up on the podium with the council members.  This was my first time at a council meeting ever.  I can promise you that I will not be going to another one for at least another 5 years.

Kids being goofy!

Atticus finds much enjoyment trying on sunglasses.
They call themselves the "doofus sisters."  Emerson and her friend Gabby love putting on make-up.  I keep telling them less is more, but obviously they do not agree.

Beach Bums!

Every time we go to the beach, Emerson always wants to get buried in the sand.  Atticus has inherited that love of being buried because he always digs a hole and places his body in it and points to get buried.
Michelle burying Emerson

Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet Michelle!

Michelle is our 17 year old family friend who we have known since we've lived here.  Her parents just moved to New York City and Michelle decided she didn't want to spend her Senior year of high school at a new school, so she is living with us!  She's great and we love her. Michelle has been baby-sitting Emerson for years so this transition has been easy for our kids. Emerson and Atticus both love her.  It's actually pretty cool having a teenage daughter. Graham will be taking Michelle to seminary at 6:00 in the morning (wow, I am so glad my seminary was part of my high school) and I will be picking her up from school when I pick-up Emerson from school.  We are definitely getting our feet wet in preparation for Emerson's teenage years.

Aunt Shanny's Visit

I forgot to post that Graham's sister Shannon came to visit in May.  Her and her boyfriend Jesse came down to San Diego from Virginia for a quick weekend visit.  It was so nice to see them.  Emerson loves her Aunt Shanny!  Of coarse, Atticus was a little unsure but he really loved kicking the ball around with uncle Jesse.  Atti, did warm-up to Shannon in Virginia, when we went for Megan's wedding.

What's a visit without a picture with Atticus crying!

Argentina V. Mexico

Graham and I went to the Argentina/Mexico national soccer game back in May.  It was my first professional soccer game.  It was a blast.  Graham is obsessed with soccer.  I know nothing about it.  When he talks about soccer I just nod my head and pretend I am listening, but he was very excited when I said I would go to this game with him.  I am glad we were not wearing Argentina colors because we would have gotten beer and garbage thrown at us and probably gotten beat up.  It was that crazy!  I loved it though.  I must say, soccer is much more exciting live than on t.v.

Megan's Wedding

Congratulations Megan and Brandon!

picture with all the nieces and nephews
 we threw rose petals at the bride and groom as they walked to their car.
This picture makes me laugh because it looks like Emerson and I are getting our pictures taken together at Prom.

Funny story about this man I am pictured with here.  This is Leslie Bassett, the grooms dad.  It turns out that Leslie is my dad's first cousin.  His dad and my grandpa are brothers.  Leslie remembers my dad because they grew up living a few houses down from each other in Afton, Wyoming and he played with my dad and my dad's other brothers and sisters.  When we met, I was amazed at how Brandon's dad looked so much like my dad.  Even Graham's siblings said he looked a lot like my dad.  We got to talking and we found out we are related.  It's such a funny and small world.

All the Mitchell clan

Graham's sister Megan got married at the end of July at the Washington DC temple.  It was a beautiful wedding.  The wedding festivities began friday night at a meet and greet picnic with the grooms family.  Megan looked so beautiful on her wedding day.  Congratulations Megan and Brandon.  We wish you all the happiness in the world!