Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of School!

7 Pairs of school uniforms + 2 new shoes=$250
school supplies and classroom supplies=$120
new haircut=$15.00
happy to go back to school=PRICELESS!

Emerson started her first day of 1st grade on Monday.  She was very excited to start school, which makes me have a little less anxiety.  She is still going to EJE Academy.  Her instructions will still be in 90% Spanish this year.  I was nervous that she wouldn't remember her spanish because we haven't practiced this summer but she said that she understood.  

She has a male teacher this year, Maestro Venegas.  He seems like a really fun teacher.  Her two best friends are in different classes.  I thought she would be super sad about that but she says she sees them at lunch and at recess and she is making new friends.  

I was much more nervous about her going into kindergarten but we are pros this year.  I looked at all the new kindergarten kids in line this year.  They look like babies.  It made my heart ache to look at them looking so nervous and some of them crying for their parents.  
Don't you love Emerson's new haircut.  Graham and I really tried to talk her out of getting her hair cut so short but she wouldn't listen.  My girl definitely knows what she wants.  I call it her Katie Holmes haircut she calls it her Madeline or Dora haircut.  She is sad that all her blonde highlights are gone but she really likes her new look.  She could have green hair and I would still think she is the most beautiful girl.


Valcarce's said...

Hi Angie and family. Your kids are really cute. It looks like you guys have lots of fun in Cali. It's good to see how you're doing.


Melissa and Aaron said...

Cute haircut! I also like your uniform and I'm so jealous you get to wear one. Congrats on being in first grade!

Jenn said...

Emerson's hair is REALLY cute :)

Anonymous said...

Wow she looks so old...and so cute :o)! I can't believe she is already in first grade, craziness! Hope things are good for you guys. We are loving Arizona! Tell Graham we said hi!

Brittany said...

LOVE the hair cut! And she's so cute in her uniform.

Kallunki Family said...

Wow! Emerson looks so grown-up and beautiful with her hair cut.