Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Seattle, Here we COME!

Guess where we are going on our summer vacation this year?  SEATTLE!  Emerson and her Syncronized swim team qualified to compete at Nationals and it's being held in Seattle.  

It's been a grueling year but their hard work has paid off!  Every team aspires to compete at Nationals.  Top 3 teams from each region goes to nationals.  Once they are at nationals, the team will compete and if they don't place in the top 8, they are DONE!  3 minutes and 30 seconds and then that's it if they don't place top 8.  CROSS YOUR FINGERS!

Growing Up!

When did they grow up?  I want them to stop this ridiculous thing called "getting older"!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Best of August: part 4

While Atticus is at school, we play!

We have to take advantage of these last days of summer before Emerson starts school.

Justin broke this boogie board with his arm.
 I don't know who won.

First Day of 6th Grade.  I can't believe Emerson is in middle school.  She decided she wanted to go to the big middle school instead of staying at her current school she has been in since kindergarten.  In her own words she said:  "I think it's time for other people to experience my awesomeness."

I think it's pretty brave of her to leave her currant school where she is comfortable, has lots of friends and has known everybody since kindergarten then want to attend a school that is not only way bigger than what she is used to but go to a school where she didn't know anyone.  She's pretty amazing!

Best of August: part 3

Family Night:
  Mini golfing at Belmont Park then giant ice cream cones after.  

We had to show Nina a good time while she visited us.

Paddle Boarding at Mission Bay
 Beach fun in La Jolla

Seeing WEEZER at Del Mar horse races

First Day of School for Atticus!

Welcome to First Grade

Our backyard has been a hodge podge of ghetto style mess for years minus our fabulous deck.  We had tile, fake grass and cement all mixed together.  Finally, I had enough and decided to cement it ALL.

The kids were fascinated by the cement pouring process and they were biding their time so they could stamp their own marks on the cement.

The finished product.  We love it.  The cement goes all the way up to the deck and the color flows very nicely with our gray deck.  So much better!

Best of August: Part 2

Silly Atti.  This kid keeps us laughing constantly with the things that come out of his mouth and the things he does.

Date Night:  Graham and I went to the Padres Vs. Yankees game.  I was really hoping to see Jeter play but no luck.

It's Friday:  Family Night Out roller skating!

Atticus and his best friend Jorge.  Jorge is Emerson's age but age apparently doesn't matter with these two.  Atticus is obsessed with Jorge.  He looks up to him so much.  It's actually really cute watching these two.  They have a lot of things in common; video games, nerd guns, video games, annoying Emerson, video games and twerking, oh and video games.

this is Graham participating in Family Night
 we have to finish family night with some yummy grub

Newport Beach.  You can't see this very clearly but it's a shark swallowing Atticus.  Pretty clever, huh.

I love when Kori and Jeff have their family beach trip out in OC.  It's always fun seeing them and their kids.

These guys are my friends for life!

 We walked on the boardwalk and this guy had caught a sting ray and he roped him through his eyes or nose.  It was crazy.  I don't know what he was going to do with that.  Can you eat it?