Friday, October 18, 2013

Best of August: Part 2

Silly Atti.  This kid keeps us laughing constantly with the things that come out of his mouth and the things he does.

Date Night:  Graham and I went to the Padres Vs. Yankees game.  I was really hoping to see Jeter play but no luck.

It's Friday:  Family Night Out roller skating!

Atticus and his best friend Jorge.  Jorge is Emerson's age but age apparently doesn't matter with these two.  Atticus is obsessed with Jorge.  He looks up to him so much.  It's actually really cute watching these two.  They have a lot of things in common; video games, nerd guns, video games, annoying Emerson, video games and twerking, oh and video games.

this is Graham participating in Family Night
 we have to finish family night with some yummy grub

Newport Beach.  You can't see this very clearly but it's a shark swallowing Atticus.  Pretty clever, huh.

I love when Kori and Jeff have their family beach trip out in OC.  It's always fun seeing them and their kids.

These guys are my friends for life!

 We walked on the boardwalk and this guy had caught a sting ray and he roped him through his eyes or nose.  It was crazy.  I don't know what he was going to do with that.  Can you eat it?

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