Sunday, September 27, 2009

12 Reasons

Graham and I just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary today!  So, here is my 12 reasons why Graham's still rockin.

1. The other night, I was laying around and just starving but didn't want to fix myself anything to eat.  Without being asked, Graham went to the kitchen and whipped me up the most fantastic, top chef quality pasta for me.
2. There is no one who can make the kids laugh and giggle harder and louder.
3. Still brings me flowers without an occasion.
4. Makes me laugh every time he dances.
5. He still cares about what I think (from politics to what he's wearing).
6. Will do anything for me and the kids.
7. Works hard so I can be a good mother at home.
8. I appreciate that he's passionate about whatever he's obsessed with, at that moment.
9. Still thinks I'm hot! (at least he says so)
10. I know he wants to make me happy.
11. He's still goofy and not afraid to laugh at himself.
12. He still makes me laugh until my sides hurt and I want to pee my pants!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of Preschool!

Ready for school!!!
Atti has been soooo excited for preschool.  He has been patiently waiting for the last month to start.  Here he is showing off his cool Spider Man lunch box.

Painting his astronaut.
He shoots, he scores!
Poor Atticus, we have not bought him a bike yet so every time he tried to pedal this bike, he kept peddling backwards.
Looking for "bad guys"
This is Teacher Laurie.  She was Emerson's preschool teacher too.  We love her so much.  I am so happy Atticus is in her class.
Snack Time.  When Emerson found out that Atti was going in to preschool and he was in Teacher Laurie's class, she has been telling Atticus all about preschool.  The one thing she told him was, "Atti, when you're in preschool, you get to eat donuts!"  She was in Teacher Laurie's class for 2 years and they had Krispie Kreme donuts once!  So, for about a month now every time he told people he was going to school, he would say, "I go to school and eat donuts!"  He didn't get donuts today.