Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hoover Dam

On our way home from Vegas, we stopped by Hoover Dam. For 2 hours, we had fun telling "Dam joke". "This is the best dam tour I've ever been on, I've got to go to the dam bathroom, let's buy something at the dam gift shop, this is dam expensive,"ect, ect. You can see how the kids, especially Lauras boys had fun with this.

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We went to Las Vegas for a long weekend just to get away. Laura and her boys came with us and we stayed at my moms condo right behind the strip. We swam, walked around, hit a bunch of arcades and just relaxed.
Wearing his bling and throwing gang signs. a couple of people wanted to take pictures of him because he is so hilarious!
Atti wanted me to buy this hideous beaded tie so he could wear it to church.

we went to this pinball museum. rows and rows of vintage pineball machines. it was pretty cool.

Graham had everybody write a list of things they wanted to do in Vegas, and of coarse Emersons was to go to Serendippity's for her frozen hot chocolate.

Our highlight of this trip was when Emerson broke this decorative finial at the Venetian hotel. I am sure it was already broken and someone placed it back on and Emerson happened to knock it off again but never the less, her reaction was priceless. We were teas her that the video cameras saw her and that cops were going to come get her. Then we heard police sirens go off.
She ran and started crying because she really thought the cops were coming to get her. Atticus didn't make her feel better either because all night he kept saying "Eme, the po, po's coming to get you!"

Happy Birthday, Atticus

What?!...Atticus is 5?!!!!
How is this possible? Time goes by so fast. Atticus has been counting down to his birthday for months. Everyday he's been asking me "how many more days til my birthday?"

The Morning of his birthday, I surprised him with a bounce house. He insisted on having breakfast outside so he could watch the man set-up the bounce house.

We also had our friends come over for birthday cake and ice cream. I insisted it wasn't a birthday party because I wasn't feeding anyone dinner or have games and other birthday party stuff but when you end up having 43 people come over, I have to maybe concede to that it's a "party".

Grandma Linda got to watch and participate in singing "happy birthday" to Atticus with everybody through Skype.

Atti also got to have some friends over for a sleepover for his birthday.

His request for breakfast...strawberry, nutella crepes! I love this kid!
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We went up to Julian on the last weekend to pick apples from the orchards. We love doing this and we haven't done it for a couple of year so it was nice to start this fall tradition again.

While in Julian, we visited some of our favorite places. Like the cider mill where you get to try different flavors of apple cider and buy all sorts of old fashioned candies and nuts.
we alway stop and have lunch at this italian restaurant. so yummy!
and of coarse, the trip isn't finished until we eat a slice of pie from the Julian Pie company!!
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