Thursday, January 5, 2012

Merry Christmas 2011!

Christmas really is getting more fun each year with the kids getting older. Emerson discovered the truth about "Santa Clause" last year but she puts on a good roose for Atticus.
I love that they never forget about the reindeer.

They decided to sleep together for Christmas eve so they could wake up together and check out what Santa left them. Sooo adorable!
I always drink Dr. Pepper and Emerson always trys to sneak a sip but I never let her. But Santa brought her 2 pint size Dr. Peppers for her in her stocking and boy was she STOKED!
Atticus loves infomercials and his favorite is the "Magie slushy maker" for months he has been talking about it. He makes me watch the commercials, he pauses the dvr so I can stop whatever I am doing and watch the "snowflake science do it's magic"
The kids favorite gift was the "flying turtles" they got from Santa. They ride them around the house, the street and the park. I think I remember these when I was a kid.

Putty loved his chicken jerky he got for Christmas
the mess!

Merry Christmas from all of Us!
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Christmas Eve

I really love our Christmas Eve tradition. We invite friends over and have a breakfast for dinner party. We have waffles, eggs, sausages, bacon and the works. Our friend Amy always brings the Nativity puppets so the kids can reinact the Christmas story and then we end it by having some birthday cake for Jesus. This might be a little weird to some, but we like it and it reminds the kids why we really celebrate Christmas. This is my favorite day of the year!

Emerson was the narrator this year.
Singing happy birthday to Jesus

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Happy Birthday, Emerson!!!

Emerson woke up to this on her birthday

The Mitchell family exchanged some gag gifts and it happened to be on Emerson's birthday so she got to she her grandparents and her aunts and uncles on her birthday. She loved it!

I must say her favorite gift was the ipod touch. She listens to her music and plays games all the time now. She is really turning into a teenager!

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A Serendipitous Birthday!

Emerson turned 10 in December. Wow, double digits! When we went to Vegas, she discovered Serendipity's Frrrozen hot chocolate so that was the basis for her birthday party this year.
It was an GIRLS only party and she invited friends from church and school. We decorated the backyard and she the whole restaurant atmosphere....fancy glass plates and glasses! She also demanded the beautiful sunset too.

Everyone made their own personal pizzas
Cheers to Emerson
and of coarse...the FRRROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE!!!
All GIRLS except of coarse, Atticus

Grandma and Papa Ron sent Eme the new just dance 3 and so the girls had fun dancing for hours.
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