Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Serendipitous Birthday!

Emerson turned 10 in December. Wow, double digits! When we went to Vegas, she discovered Serendipity's Frrrozen hot chocolate so that was the basis for her birthday party this year.
It was an GIRLS only party and she invited friends from church and school. We decorated the backyard and she the whole restaurant atmosphere....fancy glass plates and glasses! She also demanded the beautiful sunset too.

Everyone made their own personal pizzas
Cheers to Emerson
and of coarse...the FRRROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE!!!
All GIRLS except of coarse, Atticus

Grandma and Papa Ron sent Eme the new just dance 3 and so the girls had fun dancing for hours.
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Kari said...

Happy Birthday Eme! Looks like a great bday party and the decor and food looks amazing! so fun!