Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What kid does this?

If you know my Emerson, you know that she is pretty much perfect, but I do not understand this behavior.  What happened?  After Eme finished her homework today, I noticed that she was doodling on some paper.  I figured she was drawing because she is always drawing.  I looked closer and noticed that she was doing some math.  This is our conversation.

Me: "Eme, is that homework"?
Emerson: "No, I'm practicing math because we're having a test on Friday!" she replied enthusiastically
Me:  "Did your teacher tell you to practice?" 
Emerson:  "No"
Me:  "Do you get a something special if you do well?"  I asked curiously.  Really why else would a kid practice math?
Emerson: "No"

What????  She did three pages of math.  Notice in the picture...she wrote her own story problems...in Spanish.  Yes, a couple of the answers are wrong but still, what kid does this for fun?  I certainly didn't do this as a kid.  Especially if I didn't get anything out of it!  Must be from the Mitchell side of the family!!!
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

We had a lovely Valentines Day dinner this year.  I don't like going out on Valentines Day because it's crowded and so overrated.  So a few years ago I decided I wanted to make it a special day for the entire family.  Emerson loves it because I decorate the table, make yummy desserts and the kids get little party favors.  The Stanton boys have joined us for the last two years and they seem to really enjoy it too.  As you can see, the kids really enjoyed themselves at the kids table.
We had fettuccine alfredo and Graham made yummy strawberry shortcakes.  He made the shortcake himself.  It was my favorite!