Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What kid does this?

If you know my Emerson, you know that she is pretty much perfect, but I do not understand this behavior.  What happened?  After Eme finished her homework today, I noticed that she was doodling on some paper.  I figured she was drawing because she is always drawing.  I looked closer and noticed that she was doing some math.  This is our conversation.

Me: "Eme, is that homework"?
Emerson: "No, I'm practicing math because we're having a test on Friday!" she replied enthusiastically
Me:  "Did your teacher tell you to practice?" 
Emerson:  "No"
Me:  "Do you get a something special if you do well?"  I asked curiously.  Really why else would a kid practice math?
Emerson: "No"

What????  She did three pages of math.  Notice in the picture...she wrote her own story problems...in Spanish.  Yes, a couple of the answers are wrong but still, what kid does this for fun?  I certainly didn't do this as a kid.  Especially if I didn't get anything out of it!  Must be from the Mitchell side of the family!!!
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Prescott family said...

Yea that sounds like something that Graham probably did as a kid... I hated word problems, so it seems extremely odd that a child (your child no less) would actually be making them up! Too funny.

Melissa and Aaron said...

Totally a Mitchell thing! That's hilarious! I need to show Aaron this post - he would be so proud:)

P.S. He told me the other day that I probably wouldn't be a "real" Mitchell until I wrote a report on something I was interested in - just for fun...yeah right!