Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Swim Meet

Emerson raced in her first swim meet this past weekend.  I am so proud of her.  When we first signed her up for swim team, she told us she did not want to compete.  She just wanted to swim (Emerson usually won't play anything if it's a competition unless she knows there is a good chance she will win.  Another Mitchell trait.)  It also helped that her friends Gabby and Miles were swimming with her.  She had a lot of fun.  I actually loved watching her swim.  She is so cute and I love to watch her and her friends interacting with one another after each heat.

I love watching her jump in the water.  She has gotten better at it.  She isn't belly flopping anymore.

Emerson cut her wrist on a broken tile in the pool during a race.

I love this picture of Emerson, Miles and Gabby warming up together.  Their heads look like little turtle heads bobbing up and down in the water.  Adorable!!
She especially loved that she got a ribbon after each race.  She was so proud of herself.  The meet took place in Coronado.  It was so beautiful.  Their pool overlooks the bay and the Coronado bridge.  It was absolutely stunning.  

She raced in six races and she did awesome.  The goal is to improve her time every meet so she doesn't get frustrated that she doesn't finish first or that she finished last.


Torri P said...

How fun! Swimming is such a great thing to get your kids in! Looks like she had a blast!!

Anonymous said...

I love it when Issy raced too. They are so cute in their swim caps. xoxoxo

Melissa said...

Good for her! I love the last photo with the bridge in the background...I miss San Diego.

Prescott family said...

I totally forgot that they had their first race this last weekend! What a lame friend!! Looks like it was a beautiful day for it. Emerson is so cute.. I especially love the picture with her, Miles & Gabby sitting & waiting. Too cute!

Kori said...

Way to go Emerson! She is too cute!