Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Atticus

What?!...Atticus is 5?!!!!
How is this possible? Time goes by so fast. Atticus has been counting down to his birthday for months. Everyday he's been asking me "how many more days til my birthday?"

The Morning of his birthday, I surprised him with a bounce house. He insisted on having breakfast outside so he could watch the man set-up the bounce house.

We also had our friends come over for birthday cake and ice cream. I insisted it wasn't a birthday party because I wasn't feeding anyone dinner or have games and other birthday party stuff but when you end up having 43 people come over, I have to maybe concede to that it's a "party".

Grandma Linda got to watch and participate in singing "happy birthday" to Atticus with everybody through Skype.

Atti also got to have some friends over for a sleepover for his birthday.

His request for breakfast...strawberry, nutella crepes! I love this kid!
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curtis03 Lewis said...

Totally looks like a boy’s birthday party and yes! You don’t know where time flies. He turned 5 and so will my son next week. We have short listed some LA event venues for his birthday party because he wishes to have some games and activity on his birthday.