Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet Michelle!

Michelle is our 17 year old family friend who we have known since we've lived here.  Her parents just moved to New York City and Michelle decided she didn't want to spend her Senior year of high school at a new school, so she is living with us!  She's great and we love her. Michelle has been baby-sitting Emerson for years so this transition has been easy for our kids. Emerson and Atticus both love her.  It's actually pretty cool having a teenage daughter. Graham will be taking Michelle to seminary at 6:00 in the morning (wow, I am so glad my seminary was part of my high school) and I will be picking her up from school when I pick-up Emerson from school.  We are definitely getting our feet wet in preparation for Emerson's teenage years.


Jenn said...

Fun for you, guys. We loved it when Kayla lived with us...although, it seems like we never really left her to "babysit" the kids once she lived with us. I think I probably enjoyed having Kayla the most...just because it felt like I could have a "normal" conversation most of my day instead of having to wait for Dave to actually be home. Michelle will always have a place in your family after this year. :)

Prescott family said...

Cute picture! She already fits right in.