Tuesday, July 27, 2010


June was a very busy month. Graham's sister Shannon got married! The wedding was in Virginia so we spent a week spending time with all of Graham's family before Emerson got out for summer break.
Happy Father's Day, Graham!
The Mitchell's (day before the big wedding)
Emerson was her Aunt Shanny's flower girl. Shannon asked Eme to help her get ready for the wedding. You should have seen Eme. She was so happy to do that job. She helped her get her dress on and helped her with her jewelry. Hold her bouquet, hold her dress so it wouldn't drag on the ground. She loved it!

Shannon looked so beautiful! Welcome to the family Uncle Jesse!

Emerson with her niece baby D'Anna. Now she is not the only granddaughter. She reigned that crown for over 8 years.
While in Virginia, we went to DC and hit some of the smithsonian museums. The kids love the movie The Night of the Museum, battle of the Smithsonian, so we went to the natural history museum to check out Rexy the dinosaur. Emerson's first reactions was "that's not very big"!

with all the cousins

The other favorite from the movie is "The Thinker" We had fun searching the art museum for all the art pieces they showed from the movie. When Atticus saw the Thinker, he repeated the scene from the movie. It was pretty hilarious.
I'm so glad the kids love that movie because they really got into all the museums and they got so excited when they recognized the artifacts and the art pieces.
We took the ferry to Maryland to go canoeing in the Potomac. Graham and I did this when we had our wedding reception in Virginia. We had fun but I know it wasn't a pleasant experience for all.

After we got back from Virginia, we had FHE at the Fiesta Island with some of our friends to kick-off the summer and celebrate the last day of school.
We had dutch oven dinners
Eme and Mateo, her best friend from school.

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Melissa said...

I have that same long dress from Target and the turquoise jewelry! I love it!