Monday, May 4, 2009

Easter Pictures

We went to the same place we do every year for egg hunting.  This year, Atticus actually placed his eggs into his basket unlike last year where he would pick up the eggs and throw them like it was a baseball.  
Atticus really got the hang of egg hunting.  He filled his basket to the top with eggs.  
I took the kids to Balboa Park to take their pictures in their outfits they received from Easter.  I really need to take them and get their pictures done by a professional, but I'm just too lazy and I don't know a good photographer.  Let me know if anyone knows one in San Diego.
I love, love, love this picture.  It really captures the silliness of Atticus.  Emerson always wants to hold Atticus and kiss him.  Atticus is always silly and teases Emerson.

Emerson tilts her head most of the time when her picture is taken, Atticus noticed this and decided to copy her but he also adds his own style to it!

What is it with boys?  Why is it that whatever they pick up, they turn it into a gun?  Look at Atticus, it's like he goes shooting every weekend.  He totally looks like a pro holding a rifle!


Prescott family said...

I just noticed that Atticus is wearing flip flops! How cute is that! These pictures are darling - it's so cute seeing Atti & Emmerson together like this. Who needs a professional when you can take such cute pictures yourself!?

Oh BTW, looks like you guys were having fun at the ward easter egg hunt while some of us were freezing our buns off on the pioneer trek! :o)

Brad and Jamie said...

Hi Angie! I'm glad you found me through Jen's I did the same and looked at your blog! You're family is precious and so adorable! What a beautiful place to live too! I'll keep checking in too! See ya!

Melissa said...

Wow, Atticus is so big! Those are super cute pictures - you take great photos!

Kori said...

What I thought you were a professional. The pictures look great! I still need to take Isabelle for her one year pictures :}

The Ferry Bunch said...

Way to go with the pics! You could start a business! Your kids are SO cute. By the way...visit us anytime.

Shannon said...

I love the kid's Easter outfits. Atti's hat is precious.