Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Happenings

This weekend started with Michelle getting her acceptance letter to attend the University of Utah.  We are so proud of her. Graham says he might even buy a Utes hat (we'll see if he will actually wear it.)

On Saturday, Graham raced in the Varsity Scouts Triathlon at Fiesta Island.  He finished in 58 minutes.  He didn't throw-up in the bay this year.  Yeah, Graham!  I had to take a picture of his +40 on his leg.  He got bumped up to the 40 and up this year (ha ha).

In celebration of Michelle's acceptance to the U, we went out for some Japanese food.   Michelle even tried a sushi roll for the first time.  
I kick Graham out of bed almost every single night because of his snoring.  Finally, he decided he is going to get tested for sleep apnea.  This is him wearing his mask.  It's a HOT look for him.

Also this weekend, Atticus has started potty training.  I did not want to start until this summer but he insisted on not wearing his diaper.  He keeps saying "Mama, diaper hurt.  No diaper." and then he will take his diaper off and run to the toilet to pee.  I tried to fight it but he keeps going to the toilet to pee and poop.  It is so cute, he climbs up on the toilet like he's a monkey and squats down.  He also refuses to sit on his little toilet seat.  He'd rather wear it on his head like a hat.


Dee Dee said...

Congrats, Michelle! That's great. You sure had a busy weekend. I don't know if I've ever heard of a mom saying they didn't want their kid to potty train. That's funny. He's too cute with the seat on his head, though. And, go Graham!!

Penhallegon Family said...

Tell Michelle congrats!!! Hope Rhyland potty trains as well as Atticus wants to!!!!!

Kari said...

Angie! Congrats to Michelle! We miss hanging with you guys. We want to come visit soon! Congrats to Graham too for finishing the triathlon and not throwing up! Looks like everyone is well, im happy to hear that. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

That is all so awesome, I miss your sense of humor. You are so funny. Kiss the kids

Prescott family said...

Hey, love the pictures! You didn't tell me Graham was being tested for sleep apnea (or however you spell it!) - finally!! All of my brother in laws have it, I wonder if Jamey does too? I'm guessing yes. I love the picture of Addie with the seat on his head - so classic!! Yea, Michelle!!! We are proud of our college bound friend!

Kort said...

i love atticus and grahams new look!!congrats michelle!