Monday, August 19, 2013

Best of May

Happy Mother's Day To Me!
I know Heavenly Father really loves me when I look at these 2 faces.

 Being their mom is the best gift in the world!

Aztec baseball game

 Atticus gets an Award for Excellence in Math

 One of my favorite things in life is when I hear the laughter of Atticus and Emerson.  This particular day, I heard hysterical laughter coming from Emerson's room.  I walked in and this is what I saw.

 He was dancing so much his dress became a skirt.

 He did it all for $10! I'm afraid what else he will do for money.
 I'm afraid he has inherited his cavity filled mouth from his father's family. Last year, during one visit, he had 6 cavities.  Poor kid.  
 I don't want him to hate going to the dentist too much, so I try to end his dentist trips with his 2 favorite loves...sushi and Jamba Juice.

 Last Baseball Game of the season.

 Go Padre Blue!

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