Monday, August 19, 2013

Best of June

Emerson join the San Diego Sea Stars synchronized swim team this year.  She instantly fell in love with this sport.  

 She loves everything about synchro swim; the music, the make-up, costumes, competition, coaches, practice and especially, her teammates!

Putty is still around, going on 13 years.  

Color Me RAD!
it was so fun to run this 5k with Graham and Emerson.  I hope that Atticus will start to join us on these fun workouts.

 it's always fun to see the freaks come out.  this bride and groom are late for their wedding

our nice, clean white shirts before the race

It's baseball season

 this is one of my favorite activities to do with our family and friends.

 this one of my favorite views of San Diego

Last Day of School!
 Kindergarten Graduate
 Ms. Olguin, spanish teacher: main teacher
 Ms. Biceno, english teach.  His favorite teacher.  I don't know if he like her because she spoke english or he thought she was pretty.
 These two girls would giggle every time they saw Atticus.
 The year Atticus graduate from college.  this is one of the things i really like about his school.  they really focus on graduating from a Universidad.

Graduating from elementary school!  
5th Grade Promotion

 opening up his lai and eating it while waiting for Emerson's ceremony to start.

 This is Emerson's 5th grade teacher Mrs. Garcia.  Emerson also had her in Kindergarten.  She looks sad in this picture because the school didn't ask her to come back next year.  It's really sad because she was a great teacher.

After sitting through 2 graduation ceremonies, we headed off the Las Vegas to hang out with Grandma Linda, Aunt Amber and cousins Kendal and Kallee, Chyna and Gage!  Oh, and we brought our 3rd child, JLo along.
Miguel Jr's is always our ritual when we go to Vegas.  Best tacos, EVER!!!

 We went to Circus Circus and the kids always love playing at the arcade.  Atticus was down to his final quarter and he decided to play one of the impossible games, rigged to make you lose.  He threw it high and by miracle, the quarter stayed on the plate!
 ...and this is what we had to pack in our car and drive home.
 Look at Emerson eyeing atti's prize.
 you can't see in this picture but my sister Amber won the exact same banana but the size of her hand.  She was so excited to show all of us what she had won...until Atticus walked up with his banana.
 Pool Fun!

 frozen hot chocolate for Serendipity. YUM!

Happy Father's Day
 to the most AMAZING dad and husband!

 Bonding with the cousins
 we don't get to see these guys often but when we do, it's always fun!

Emerson got stung by a jellyfish.  The lifeguard sprayed some vinegar water on her because none of her friends would pee on her.

 the culprit

The San Diego Fair
We have lived in San Diego for 10 year and The Man has never been to the fair.  Instead of taking the kids to the fair, we decided to make it a date night.  We had so much fun.  My goal was to eat as much fried fair food as possible.

funnel cake.  not that great.  Sea Worlds funnel cake is the best.
mini donuts, these were pretty good.
beautiful view from the sky ride

australian fried and fried potato chips.  i don't know if australians really eat this but it was too heavy.
grilled corn, always delicious

The Man has never been in a fun house.  Can you believe it?

trying to win me a stuffed animal.  Failed but so cute and adorable!

More Graduation Pics.

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