Wednesday, February 10, 2010

January Update

The first couple of weeks of January was pretty busy. We celebrated the New Year with our friends the Rasners and then we had Emerson's Baptism and then Grahams parents came to town and we celebrated Graham's birthday all in the same week.

So adorable, Emerson and Papa Ron playing swords.
Graham and his pile of clothes he got for his birthday.

This is a small picture of what Graham's parents are giving him for his birthday. It is Graham's favorite church painting. His parents got him a big one and is framing it so he can hang it up in his Stake office.
It was really nice to have Graham's parents in town to celebrate his 41st birthday.
The kids made their dad's favorite cake (German Chocolate). YUM!

Every time someone has a birthday, Atti thinks we have to sing to him too and let him blow out the candles.
Emerson had crazy hair day at school. This hair style was inspired by one of her favorite Dr. Seuss books, Daisy head, Mayzie.

Atti loves his Big Papa Ron. He referred to him as his "other daddy".

Yup........guess who learned a new trick!
Graham, of coarse taught his boy how to pee off the deck. He introduced it as "Atti, let me show you the best thing in the world"! Now, Atti thinks it's the coolest thing and is very proud of it and it has become a nightly ritual. He keeps telling me to try it.


Kallunki Family said...

Happy Birthday to Graham...looks like it was a great day! Love Atti's new trick! Lol!

Beckie said...

I love the new trick too. I am jealous that it's warm enough outside to do that! It would freeze in Logan!