Sunday, February 21, 2010

February Update

42 pairs of shoes, 6 women, 3 days in Vegas, 1 hotel suite and 0 kids....PRICELESS!
What do 6 girls who don't drink or gamble do in Vegas?

and EAT!

2 years ago, all of us girls went to Santa Barbara for a girls weekend trip. We had so much fun without the hubbies and the kiddos so we thought this year lets go to Vegas!

The Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3 was my favorite!

Thanks for the fantastic weekend, GIRLS. See you in 2 years in MIAMI!
We had our traditional Valentines Day dinner with the family when I got back from Vegas.

Atti's best friend, Miles giving him a back massage.
First sign of Spring in San Diego.

This little daffodil popped up the other day. After Graham's grandmother died, his uncle gave everyone some bulbs from grandma's garden. Graham came home and planted them in our front yard and look, they are growing. Every time we look at these beautiful daffodils, they remind us of Grandma Alice and how she loved her flowers.


Kallunki Family said...

Looks like you girls had fun!

Love the daffodil picture; what a great way to preserve special memories.

Ron said...

Just saw your Feb block. "Girls just have to have fun" once in awhile.

Ron said...

Hey! I repent and promise to visit your block on a regular basis. So be careful of what you post. No more Mr. October pictures.