Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break

We had a very busy Spring Break this year. Actually, it started a few weeks before Spring Break. From three sets of house guests, multiple trips to the zoo, Sea World, beach, John's Incredible Pizza, Drive-In movies to slumber parties, I am pretty happy that the dust has now settled and life will go back to normal tomorrow.

Our first house guest was Graham's little sister Megan and her husband Brandon. It was Brandon's first trip out to California. Atticus called them the "Creepie People" but within a day, Brandon was his new BFF! The kids loved them. They got to go to the zoo with them, play a little frisbee golf and Brandon entertained them with some pretty cool magic tricks.
Our first Easter Egg Hunt. The traditional ward hunt. Both Emerson and Atticus found a golden egg which had a $1 in it. Atti was pretty excited. He loves to find money.

We went and watched "How to train your dragon" at the drive-in with the Stanton boys and the Rasner kids (our "fake cousins")
Putty had a disgusting mole on his neck and it was infected so he had surgery. I swear, every two years, this dog has something.
Emerson wanted to take him to the vet and give him a last hug in before he went in for his surgery.
He made it! The surgery was a success. No more mole and he even got his teeth cleaned while he had his surgery. Poor Putty, look how sad he looks. He was so tired when we brought him home. He just snuggled up and rested for a couple of hours on his bed.
Our "fake cousins", the Rasners came down to visit for a couple of days. It's always a blast when they come to town!

We went for a hike with all the kids on a beautiful spring morning.
Atti got a little help from his dad.
Coloring Easter eggs

New spring outfits and a few toys on Easter morning
So cute, the Hubby got me a Easter basket too. It was filled with my favorite See's candies and a super cute bracelet.
All the colored easter eggs.
Round II easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday between watching General Conference.
We had an earthquake on Easter. This is the only evidence in our house of the quake. It was my first earthquake in 15 years I've lived in California that I've really felt or wasn't asleep through.
Emerson had her first slumber party with 4 of her closest friends. I love girls! They crack me up.

They had pizza, did hair and make-up, painted nails, listened to music, sang and danced. And listening to them talk is hilarious!
Atticus and Graham went on a "man date" while the girls were in the full swing of their slumber party. The next morning, he helped make the girls breakfast. I am teaching him well!

We did even more stuff during the break but I didn't get pics. Like the dessert contest we had where everybody brought a dessert and we taste tested everything and judged it. All the kids loved it! Talk about sugar coma! Also, Marcus came and visited for a week from New York so our house was filled with all of his friends going in and out of the house. We miss you, Marcus!


Kari said...

You guys were pretty busy, but looks like you had fun! We miss you!

Megan said...

Thanks again you guys! Brandon and I had so much fun seeing you, and sightseeing in California too!
We'll see you in June :)

TheGefrom5 said...

So Cute, Angie!! I loved all your pics. you are an amazing girl! I can't believe all the fun stuff you do and do for your kids and everyone. So much fun and creativity:)