Thursday, January 7, 2010

Emerson's Baptism

I can't believe Emerson is 8 and old enough to be baptized. Emerson's baptism was January 2nd. Graham baptized her and confirmed her. She has been so excited for this day. We told her it was her decision and she needed to pray about it and ask if this was the right thing for her to do. A few days later, she said she prayed and asked Heavenly Father and she felt very good.
I told Eme she could design her own dress and I would make it for her. She was all over it. She drew it out for me and we went to the fabric store and she picked everything out. I didn't end up sewing it because it was too technical for me (I did make the flowers on the dress and added the sash) so a nice lady from our ward sewed it for us and it turned out beautiful. Emerson was very proud of her dress and she looked beautiful in it.

We don't have any family that lives near us but I was shocked at how many family came for Emerson's baptism. Graham's parents flew down, his aunt Pilar and uncle Ralph drove 5 hours to be here. Thanks Ralph and Pilar for doing that. We know how busy you are this time of year but it meant a lot to Eme. She loves you guys so much. Graham's uncle Lee and aunt Karen and son Adam, uncle Mark and aunt Sarah and their family and of coarse our Rasner's came down too. And all our close friends from here were there to support Eme. Thank you all for sharing this day with Emerson. It was a wonderful day.

Emerson's request, we had a little chocolate fountain party at our house after the baptism. YUM!

Who needs pretzels and strawberries to dip when you have fingers!
The Rasners made the cutest little candy poster about baptism for Eme. Of coarse she loved it!



Kari said...

Ang! I'm sad we couldn't be there. It would have been so great to be there and support you guys and Eme! Looks like everyone had a great time (of course). Love her dress by the way. Nice job, Eme!

Torri P said...

crazy we have 8 year olds isn't it?? She looks beautiful!

Kallunki Family said...

Awww...Eme looked so pretty! That is so cool she was able to design her own dress. What a good mama you are!

Detroit still talks about that chocolate fountain! Lol...

I can't believe Detroit will be turning 10 in a couple of months - whoa, I about had a heart attack writing that, but I am okay now - time really goes by too quickly! Miss you guys!

Megan said...

Love the pictures!!! I especially like the one of Graham & Eme in white! Wish we could have been there!

Melissa said...

Aww! She is SO beautiful! I love her dress too!

michele said...

Love the pix! We had so much fun! Can't wait til Easter! R u dyin' cuz I actually got on the blog! :). We love u guys! Thanks for putting up with all 8 of us! See ya soon!