Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School!

Welcome back to school!
Emerson has been very excited to start 2nd grade.  She is in Maestra Brandy's class and her English teacher is Ms. Ruben.  A couple of her really good friends are in her class so that makes it even more fun for her.
Eme and Maestra Brandy
Emerson has a new school this year.  Because she goes to a Charter school, the school didn't have a permanent place so the school shared a campus with another elementary school.  This year she has her own building.  They closed down an elementary school really close to where she was going before so Eme's school took over the building.  They went from 14 portable classrooms to an entire school site.  It's huge Eme loves it!

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Christine said...

how cool, glad she likes her new school!!!!!