Sunday, September 11, 2011

Los Angeles

Kari suggested that we go and eat brunch at Bottega Louie. Wow, so glad I decided to check this place out.

a whole lot of eye candy!

how do we choose just one dessert?

Kari and Hoon live across the street from FIDM, where I went to school.

Emerson has been wanting to see the Hollywood sign forever. For her 8th Birthday, we went to LA to see it but it rained that day. So we ordered our desserts to go and headed up to Griffith Observatory where Graham and I went on our first date.

Emerson was so happy to see the Hollywood sign.

As you can see, we didn't pick just 1 dessert!

I love that she enjoys her food!

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Prescott family said...

I was gonna say, that sounds like Emerson's worse nightmare... just 1 dessert! Poor girl, glad you got more than one!