Sunday, September 11, 2011

USC/U of U game

My friends, who are uber Utah fans flew down to watch the USC v. U of U game.

the build-up:
This trip has been planned for 9 months. We decided to not go to Peach Days for this game. Peach Days is a festival in Brigham city that celebrates peaches every year. I loved it when I was growing up and Graham has never gone to this and has been wanting to for years. Every year we try to go but something always comes up. Anyway, this year was going to be no different. I gave Graham a choice between USC or Peach Days...He jumped at the game. So, everyone is excited for this game because we this is the first time Utah is in the same conference, first game of the season and we get to hangout together for the weekend. Can you tell something is coming?

So, about a month ago, Graham realized the game is on the same weekend as our Stake conference. Panick stricken, Graham calls Salt Lake to see if conference can be changed...the answer was no. What to do?!! Graham concocts an idea! "Since the game starts at 7:30, I'll schedule the priesthood session early and bail out of the Saturday leadership session and I will make it to the game by the end of 1st quarter."! Wait for it.......

Morning of the game, Graham calls me and tells me he thought the game started at 7:30 but he didn't realize that was EASTERN TIME ZONE!!!! In fact the game actually starts at 4:30. Priesthood session starts at 3:oo. The session lasts 1 1/2hrs. The drive from San Diego to Los Angeles=2 hrs with no traffic. Do the math there is no way he will make it to ANY PART OF THE GAME! He ends our conversation with "let me figure this out and I'll call you back with a plan." What?? What plan, Graham? You are NOT going to see the game!!!! Once again, let me remind you, this man runs a city AND a stake!!!
This once housed Reggie Bush's Heisman. It's just sitting there empty with all the other Heismans. Even OJ Simpsons heisman was there. So sad!

Emerson went to the game with me since Graham couldn't make it. It was her first football game and she loved it! It made me feel better that I got to watch it with her.

Final Score 14/24 SC won. Graham, 0
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Melissa and Aaron said...

So sad that Graham couldn't go! I'm glad you had a good time, though, and that Emerson could go with you:) Congrats Eme on starting 4th grade! You're going to have an awesome year - I just know it. Atti - you are too sweet buying flowers for your mom. I'm glad you guys are doing well!