Wednesday, December 17, 2008

October Pictures

I just got my camera back from being repaired.   From now on, I will be very careful with my camera.  Don't leave your camera on top of a wobbly box to  take pictures and walk away from it unless you want to spend $250 to get it repaired plus 8 weeks without a camera.  These are just random pictures I had taken in October.

One of Atticus's favorite things to do is play the Wii, especially guitar hero or guitar hero world tour.  Graham loves the fact that his son sings along to Ozzy Osbourne.  He is so cute.  I am going to have to figure out how to show video clips on the blog because he totally tries to rock out.
I have taught my kids well.  They both love to pose for the camera.  Now if only I can get Emerson to stop fake smiling.
Atti gave me some flowers for my birthday.
This is the ring Graham gave me for my "fake" birthday.  I love it!!!
There are three things Atti loves most.  His binkey, his 2 blankies and his "hat".  That is what he calls the headband he wears.  It's actually Emerson's headband from her Belle costume.  He usually wears it like a sweatband and points to it and says, "hat, hat!"  I haven't seen him with it lately though, I think Graham finally hid it or threw it away.

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Prescott family said...

Atti must have found his "hat" because I saw him with it on Friday night! Too funny!!

I also love your little pinky finger in the picture of your ring. So cute. I love the ring, btw... I'm jealous & want one too!!! Tell my husband. :o)