Monday, December 29, 2008

The Mitchell Family's 2008 Year in Review

January: Graham turned 39 and Angie turned, once again, 29.  Emerson asked, "Why is mom always 29 years old"?

February: We took Emerson skiing for the first time.  She cried pretty much the entire day.  Angie was heard yelling "Suck it up Eme, this is a fun filled family activity that we are going to be enjoying for years to come"!

March: Graham raced in a triathlon.  At least he didn't throw-up in the ocean this year.

April: We went to a Padres game.  This was the record-setting 22 inning game-a whopping 6 hours and 16 minutes.  Didn't go to another game for the rest of the season.

May: Atticus finally says "mum"-he still doesn't say dad.

June: Michelle (a family friend) moved in with us.  Her parents moved to New York and she didn't want to finish her senior year at a new high school, so she moved in with us.  We love her and she has become a part of our family.

July: We went to Megan's wedding (Graham's sister).  I wondered why the groom's dad looked so much like my dad; turns out he is my dad's first cousin.

August: Emerson started 1st grade at her Spanish immersion school.  Her spanish is getting really good.  Thank goodness for the internet and free translation software; without it I couldn't help her with homework.

September: Graham started community college.  He enrolled in one  Graham and I went to Chicago for our 11th anniversary.  Atticus is now calling Graham "momo."

October: Yeah!  Atti finally called Graham "dad."  Marcus, Michelle's brother, has now become a permanent fixture on our couch.  Graham broke his foot in soccer class.  He realized he can't keep up with the 19 year old students that call him "Blue."

November: Atticus turned 2 years old.  Emerson barfed in her class.  She told  us, "Don't worry, I didn't throw up on the floor, I made it to the garbage can"!  Graham got pulled over 3 times within 20 minutes while driving home from Utah.  Good new, he only got 1 ticket.

December: Emerson turned 7, but going on 14.  Marcus moved to New York--Graham cried.

We feel blessed having you in our lives.  We love you and may the spirit of this season carry you throughout the coming year.

Love Graham, Angie, Emerson and Atticus


Kari said...

aw Graham and Angie, we really miss you! What a great year you guys have had. We miss hanging with you a lot. Hopefully we'll get down to see you sometime soon!

Andrea said...

Hi Angie! to add a picture go to customize ( click Edit on the Header "The Mitchell Family"), Browse for a picture from your computer and make sure you select on behind title and description and onces you see the picture in the small window click save and your done! let me know if it didn't work for you and I can try to explain it better :) all of your pictures are so cute! Emerson is getting so big!

Anonymous said...

That is a crack up, thanks for the update. Glad you are all well. Definately glad your in our lives as well. xoxo

Shannon said...

Jesse's nickname is also Blue. He joined a fraternity when he went back to school at the age of 29. His pledge nickname was Blue because he was the oldest pledge they've ever had.

I have also been pulled over twice in 15 minutes in Kansas. I got two tickets though. I was sure I was going to jail, but maybe because it was two different counties, or because it was the '90s and records weren't updated so fast, they didn't seem to know. I made Matt drive the rest of the way through Kansas.

Brittany said...

Great update!

Beckie said...

That was good Angie. You have quite the memory to remember little details from each month of last year! Let me know when you are coming to UT again and we can plan to get together.