Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cuyamaca Lake

Our friends the Fukushimas invited us to spend a day with them at Cuyamaca Lake to go fishing. How could we say "No" when Atticus has been begging us to take him fishing on a daily basis since summer started. Also, our friend is a professional fisherman so we knew we would be guaranteed to catch a fish!
A boy and his Tackle Box!

As you can see, our girl is a very "girly girl"!
Waiting patiently for the fish to bite.

Emerson thought she caught the catch of the day but she reeled in some grass instead.
Now, that's a fish!
That's me pretending I caught the fish. You would think that I would be an expert considering fishing is all we did as a family growing up. But nope, still have never caught a fish in my life!
Atticus thought that he could catch a fish better if his fishing pole was closer to the water.
Patience paid-off!
Thanks Jolene for inviting us. We had a lot of fun. We especially loved the delicious, fresh fish we had for dinner!!

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