Monday, December 14, 2009

Girls Day Out!

Emerson wanted to go see Hollywood for her 8th birthday, so we spent an entire day just girls in LA last Friday. Emerson invited 4 of her closest friends to come along. I made them all matching berets and scarfs. First, we went to Ruby's for lunch. Then we stopped at the mall to see Santa.
Finally, we made it to LA. First stop was Mann's Chinese Theatre to see the Stars. The girls had fun finding the stars names they knew. Even the rain couldn't stop their fun! The only bummer was it was too rainy to be able to see the Hollywood sign.

Then, we made it over to The Grove. The next agenda was tea at the American Girl Store. I told Eme and her friends I would take them there if they all read 5 American Girl books. They exceeded my expectation.

The girls had a blast having a tea party at the American Girls store. They all got to choose an American Girl doll to sit with. The cafe is so cute and the food was yummy. Everything was very girly.
Kari works at The Grove, so we got to see her and Hoon for a minute. Thanks for coming and seeing Emerson. She really loves you guys!

It "snowed" at The Grove. It really made a wonderful ending to the day. It was so cute watching the girls dancing and laughing as the snow came down.
I love doing these girl outings with Emerson.


Kari said...

Angie! We loved seeing you guys - bummer we couldn't spend more time together. It was so fun to see you guys and to say hi to Eme - she is the best, we love you!

Christine said...

Angie, you are the best!!! Emerson is so blessed to have such a Great mom like you!! you guys look like you had a fun,fun. day. Happy Birthday Em... We miss you guys so much. Love you guys=)