Thursday, November 12, 2009

The rest of October

I love Halloween.  It's kick-off of the holiday season.  A reason to decorate!
I've got a rat infestation!

Uncle Matt and Aunt Brittany sent the kids a Halloween care package and this is what it was filled with.
An early Halloween treat!  The kids were very excited about this surprise package.
Thanks Matt and Brittany!
Emerson's bat pumpkin she did not carve.
The gang on Halloween night, ready for Trick or Treating!
Atticus, trying to throw his web
Emerson must have had a rough night of trick or treating because this is how I found her the morning after.  Oh, only Emerson!
I love this picture.  This is Laura and her boys dressed as the Beatles for Halloween.  How adorable is that!  Unfortunately, most people thought they were the Jonas Brothers.

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Andrea said...

Hola Angie:)
I just found the photographer's info! Bob Gottlieb Fhotography
Sorry I didn't send you his info sooner...
Lyteesia still talks about Emerson! If you guys come to utah let us know so we can see you:)
have a GREAT day!!!!