Monday, May 26, 2008

May Update!

Atticus, trying to fit into his dad's shoes

He also likes mom's shoes
Emerson, at her mother's day celebration performing her salsa routine
For mother's day, Emerson gave me a "makeover" and dressed me exactly like her
had a "ruff" day!

It's been awhile since I updated the blog.  Life is passing by so fast, I don't know where the time goes.  I can't believe it is almost the end of May.  I'm going to blink and the holiday's will soon be here.  

We haven't really been doing much but I just can't seem to get it all together.  I'm just getting over a sinus infection, Emerson is busy at school and she had a huge mother's day celebration at school, Graham, is busy at work finishing up the city budget and being stressed (what else is new) and Atticus is making more noise.  He doesn't say much but he sure makes a lot of monkey-like noises.  He is still calling Graham "mama" he says, "bob, bob" for sponge-bob, he says "ball" and a few other words.  He is also whining a lot more but I am hoping that is because he is teething and not his personality. 

The biggest event of this month and the most expensive was our beloved first child, Putty had surgery.  He had two masses removed from his eyes.  While he was under anesthesia they discovered he needed his teeth cleaned and remove two of his incisors.  Well, $731.00 later, he is doing well.  His eyes are healing nicely, he is eating well and he is running into less walls with his e-collar.  We are all getting a nice laugh at watching him walk with his e-collar shuffling from side to side.

Take time to enjoy your life!  Enjoy these pictures!


Prescott family said...

Thanks for updating the blog! I love the picture of Atticus in your shoes - keep those for blackmail later on in life!!

The Ferry Bunch said... updated your blog!! Ok so you do that about as much as I call back. ha ha! You may even be the winner. So I definitely want to get together with you guys. Could you email me your number again? SORRY! We just need to coordinate a weekend.

Beckie said...

Cute pictures! I love you and Emerson in matching dresses!

Melissa and Aaron said...

You and Emerson look beautiful in your dresses! Poor Putty...I'm glad he's doing better, though. Atticus is so cute in the shoes! Can't wait to see you guys soon:)